Would We

Would we sing along
If we didn't know the words
Would we sing along
If we didn't know the verse

Would we carry on
If we knew that there wasn't more left to do
Than what we'd done
What have we done?
What have you become?
Where have you gone?
What would say would make this better?

Do we need a song
To help us through these rainy days
Do we need a lover
Who can erase the pain
Do we need eachother
Do we just get by?
Do we need a place do we need a sky that we can fly into?

Do we need a way
To follow where you go
Do we need a place
That's not so shallow
Do we need a face we can recognize
Or does it all just float away
Is it in your eyes?

Would we fall in love
If you told me everything about you
Would I wanna be above you?
Would you sink beneath?
If I tried to weigh you down, would you stand up straight?
If you knew that this had fallen to the ground

There's not much left here....
There's not much left here...

But you can take what you can find

I hope it's enough
But what is enough?
And I hope I can see what's in front of me
And I hope I can say my own words and leave out the cliche
I hope I can understand someday

Would we see, if we didn't know the word for eyes
Would we care, if there never ways a compromise
Would we try to see into eachothers eyes again
If we knew it would all end...