Without Knowing

Perfect picture lies in my mind so clear.
The plan is so ready after waiting these years,
I know just what I’m looking for now.
Longingly waiting to search this scene out
Drawing out each line preciously rehearsed,
Though only the moment can show what comes first.
The days look so simple; I go blinded imagining I’m prepared
I know that I will be, on an anonymous day setting the stage somewhere.

I’m feeling so safe here, yet the nights have gone stale
I've planned every minute, without knowing one detail
I can sense the picture, but the faces do fade
What will come of the nights you left me and the minutes you stayed?

Perfect future lies in my reach today.
I feel the wind behind me that takes me away
From any memories I never was a part of.
From and bad day, this mission accepts me proving to be so supportive.
I know just what I’m looking for now.
Every thought in my mind and muscle in my body
Can't deny what’s inside they control me.
And all is well and sweet, I’m feeling the future calling me.

Find me tonight bring the keys to the questions
So many words never thought, never mentioned.
I know just what I want, without knowing real words to describe,
When this moment comes there’s no way I'll let it pass me by.