What You'd Say to Me

You see the world different than so many do
And the pain that remains only sometimes shines through
The way you reach others amazes me still
The beauty in tears covers more than I ever will on my own
And with you I’m home
So stop being lonely
That’s what you’d say to me

You make my days worthwhile I never want to rush
I love to see your smile even if this makes you blush
I’d go through anything for you as long as you’re happy
I’ll be there for you anytime; there’s no need for asking
You should never feel sorry
That’s what you’d say to me

You’d stop all the pain
With all of the words I can barely imagine
Falling off your tongue
You’d sing of the magic in songs I never sung
And they glow
What if you’d tell me what I could never know?

Here on my own
As I try to imagine what you’d say to me
It’s really what I’d say to myself, it’s really all I have right now
That’s what you’d say if you thought like me
But I think the one I need sees it all differently
So stop bein’ lonely
I wonder what you’d say to me