So Ready For You

I’m so ready for you to walk right into my life
Say “hey gorgeous, wanna go out tonight?”
I’m so ready for you to look into my eyes
To lay on the hammock under the midnight sky
So close it hurts to think about moving
So perfect it hurts to know what we were missing
Forgetting what it was supposed to be like
Because my life always turns directions that I can’t fight
I haven’t watched it turn out right

And part of the reason is cause I’d rather not watch
I’d rather not wait
I’d rather not compare
I’d rather not debate
I just want to forget all my reason and hold on tight
I’m so ready for you

So I know I haven’t found you, I know you’re not there
But the next time that it’s working I won’t be scared
I’ll be ready to swim, or to shine like stars
That I’ve watched for so long but they were always too far from my senses
What’s the expense to go all the way up?
If I’m to fall I can’t get any lower than the ground
The same ground I stand on now
I’d rather not stand
I’d rather not observe
I’d rather not demand
I don’t need to evaluate each detail to be secure
Forget all my reason I’m holding on tight
I'm so ready for you