You told me you loved me in times passed by
You told me you missed me, but you still said goodbye
You told me you regretted not coming that night
What happens when your words are brought to light?
Your letter is folded on the corner of my desk
Don’t want to read it again, my instincts tell me to confess

But it makes no sense to blame the ones you love
So there’s got to be some more to this
Then what you’re made of
Constantly thinking back and forth
Not knowing what I’m worth here, oh

You held me in your arms with a calming grip
You looked back with your charm and all my cares would slip
You called me and asked if I wanted to
Go with you tonight, spend time together, I said I just might
That’s when I held my head so high
Being with you was so good I never questioned why

It makes no sense to go against your heart
So tell me where did we go wrong?
It felt right from the start
You got me feeling up and down
Setting myself up for another round, yeah

but you leave and you stay, take your feelings away and place your heart in someones hands who’s sure to break it, when I would gladly take it
and “maybe” just makes us hold on
to broken words that were once told on
a breeze from the past coming in to take my smile
its time to move on; I can’t live on this denial