Believe Me (the Africa Song)

I’ve got no watch or place to be
I can only sink so far into this symphony
Skies have never been so blue
With me so far away from you

So openly alone, but not so lonely
So openly at home, but even stars change in this night

How an ocean has a name I do not know
Like Morgan’s Bay or Wednesday or Thursday
Such territory can’t be claimed
But somewhere past the thunder-waves
I oughta be amazed, oughta be amazed…

Still knocking twelve thousand miles across the water
There’s a man crying cause he almost knows he’s lost his daughter
She doesn’t seem to know what to do

And I can’t seem to be right when I forget about it
Yeah I brush you off my shoulder and I don’t let you stand next to me
It’s horrible you see and I see it,
But trying it too hard, and we’re bad at this
But we haven’t tried to hard here.

Believe me

And I wish it were easy enough to have one good force against the devil
Or a devil to blame this on
But to believe in truth, I can’t always believe you

A cold breath separates us, I’ve left the world alone
And this is my get-away… but I decide to take you home
I need something to believe,

Believe me.