Anywhere But Here

Anywhere but here
Anytime but now
If my head could just be clear
If my heart can make it out
The streets are paved with fear
I’ve got to stop these tears
But the flood gate’s been working overtime
With these thoughts in my mind

Hard working weakness lurking in the back ready to attack,
Smile on my face but a bitter taste comes and surrounds this place.
Just go on longer feeling stronger though I don’t belong here
I see a glimpse of what’s to come, it can’t be too late too return
But what’s left in the past remains a cast shadow of today, standing in my way.
The only way is this phase and it continues on for days.

You’d like to laugh and bring me down
Pretend to rise above yet digging holes for yourself in the ground
I’d like to gather up this broken lonely picture
I’d like to bring this back to life
I’d like to make our wrongs so right
I’d like to, but this fight through,
It’s got the best of me as nightfall comes victoriously.

If it would just pass slowly
While I sleep
If this way was not so lonely
And the water so deep
Tomorrow might be enough
When will there be enough love?