A Little More Blind

Hangin around
What makes you proud?
What makes you certain?
You’re taking them out?
What fills your passions?
And where are they from?
And is it worth asking
Will we ever stay young?

I can’t be sure
But until I find more
I hold onto tomorrow
I push through the door
I make it look easy
But inside I'm tired
When I know another day will break and take my mind
And leave my heart... a little more blind

What’s there to do
Do I live for memories?
Or do I live to see you?
Do I make my goal honesty
And staying true?
True to myself and what I felt
Or what I knew and already dealt with

I used to think
That being blank
That without strong purpose I would sink
But what do I do
When I'm faced with this empty room
With nothing to hold onto
With nothing keeping me up at night
No where to fight for what my heart makes right
And seeing things for what they are
I’m stuck in the light